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Natasha Mihell

Associate Agent

Natasha Mihell (she/her/hers) is a renaissance woman with measureless passion for the literary world and diverse industry experience. She is a writer, editor, and regular participant in NaNoWriMo, and has worked as an editorial assistant at TRF, an intern book scout, and an #IndigoEmployee. At Indigo, she sold books, organized author events, championed HarperCollins Canada, and raised funds for the Love of Reading Foundation, among other things. Outside the literary world, Natasha is a trained soprano with a BA (Hons.) in Political Science currently working toward a Masters in Public Administration. All this to say that her knowledge base offers her a wealth of experience to draw from when working with clients, and a discerning eye for hardworking dreamers dedicated to their craft.

Generally, Natasha loves stories that sing, move, and shimmer, and most especially, those that are fearless in speaking their truths. She is a great fan of conceptual depth and courage (in characters and in writing), and will consider any story (Adult, YA, MG, and PB; fiction and nonfiction) that has clear heart and vision. She is always keen to support voices from the 2SLGBTQQIA+, BIPOC, #ownvoices, disabled and neurodiverse communities.

Natasha is particularly fond of...

Adult and YA: Bold, break-the-mould, change-the-world Sci-Fi. Fantasy with dark queens, powerful witches, and redemption arcs. Historical fiction with richly developed settings and characters or plots that empower us to remember and do better. Select literary fiction that elegantly touches on the new or nebulous. Memoir as told by creatives and unsung heroes. Historical nonfiction graphic novels that teach and tug at the heart.

MG: Compelling fantasies with human or animal or other (!) protagonist(s). Mermaids. Smartly told historical allegories. Select genres not typically seen in MG, such as horror and cyberpunk.

PB: Enthralling magic, vivid colour, and beautiful musicality. Lots and lots of heart, whether in fiction or nonfiction.

Natasha also represents select illustrators whose work speaks to her.

If it is your dream to be an author, then do not be afraid to fail—again, and again, and again. Your journey is your own, and every moment is to be relished. Live, and love, your life. Sing with your whole heart.

Follow Natasha on Instagram @natashamihell.

Interested in: 

SFF, Historical Fiction, Literary Fiction, Transgressive Fiction, Graphic Novel (Historical Fiction/Non-Fiction only), Biography/Memoir, History/Politics. Select Horror. Looking for Adult, NA, YA, MG, and PBs

Active Clients:
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