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Andrey Mintchev

Andrey Mintchev is a Niagara-based writer whose delivery of narratives ironically exist outside of the literary domain, and deep within the exposition of Tabletop Roleplaying Games. As an avid fan of Dungeons and Dragons, Andrey spends his time outside of his day job as a Museum and Gallery Design Consultant, watching, playing, or listening to D&D. For a Game Master, the final stage of mastering the gauntlet of story-based gameplay is to, well, invent your own rulebook!  

Alongside his loving wife Alyssa, and two cats Thomas O’Malley and Simon, Andrey hopes that his addition to the TTRPG world will bring as much joy to those who play it as D&D has for him.

Completed and published works represented by the Rights Factory listed below. If blank, contact the listed agent for details.
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