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Tasneem Motala

Assistant Agent

An Assistant Agent since 2021 under The Rights Factory, Tasneem's literary journey traverses various realms, with picture books, graphic novels, young adult, and adult fiction on her short but talented list. She might be picky, but when she’s in love with a story, everyone will know it!

She has an English and Classics degree from Brock University, followed by a post-grad certification in Publishing from Centennial College, but her education in writing and editing stems from a love of reading and writing fanfiction since her teenage years. Tasneem believes fanfiction is a perfect arena to train hard, experiment, and better oneself as a writer and editor, especially if becoming a part of the publishing industry is someone’s end goal! It was on sites like and Ao3 that she honed those skills and her love for helping others create the best versions of their stories as a beta-reader.

With a keen eye for stories that resonate on deeper levels, Tasneem's literary pursuits extend beyond the boundaries of genre and tropes, embracing narratives that provoke emotions and challenge perceptions regardless of the settings and tools they use to do so. Her passion lies in representing diverse voices and narratives that leave an indelible mark on readers' hearts and minds, no matter the age group.

Tasneem’s QueryManager is a safe space for marginalized writers who want to share their stories, but she does take queries from those who don’t identify under that umbrella as well.

Tasneem Motala

Interested in: 

Fantasy, Graphic Novels, Middle Grade, New Adult, Science Fiction, Young Adult Contemporary YA, Cyberpunk, Fairytale Retellings, Low Fantasy, Magical Realism, Robots/A.I., Steampunk, Urban Fantasy

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