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Gabrielle Pipo

Gabrielle Pipo has always had a fascination with the weird and absurd. As an artist and graphic designer, she constantly challenges herself to capture the strangeness of life into the visual form with colours as her strong point. Advocating for diversity in the creative world, she also works as a designer for the independent literary zine KROS and aims to have the marginalized present themselves in the world of literature.  

With the world becoming more connected and chaotic as the days go by, Gabrielle has a keen interest in both world history and current events. Through learning about the complications and messiness of the world, the self reflection on who we are and why things are the way they are in the world are consistent markers in Gabrielle’s works.  

Outside of art and history, Gabrielle is also fond of space operas and robot toy collecting.

Completed and published works represented by the Rights Factory listed below. If blank, contact the listed agent for details.
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