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The Nightmareland Chronicles

"Nightmareland" continues to cement itself as one of the greatest horror series of all time. If that sounds like hyperbole, it's because you haven't read it yet." -- Brennan LaFaro, co-host of Dead Headspace podcast An ongoing serialized adventure horror epic following one man's journey to reach his estranged daughter in a world claimed by eternal night, where nightmares manifest beyond dreams. For fans of The Last of Us and Lisey's Story, the Nightmareland Chronicles is beautifully written horror with heart and devastating character arcs; it's an exploration of humanity at both its darkest and its brightest. Tomorrow died on the last morning of May. The sun goes out, but it's not getting cold. It's just night. Always, always night. The only thing John Hawthorne, a lonely man with a violent past, Mariah Nowak, a bartender with who he has a complicated tryst, and Marcos Walker, a young deaf boy they pick up on their journey, have left are each other as they set out across America, encountering lumbering monstrosities from nightmares made real, to get to John's daughter. This sprawling, apocalyptic narrative terrifies, intrigues, and leaves readers agonizing over the relationships that form and fall apart, and tantalized by the mystery of a sunless existence. Books 1-6 published between 2020-2022 (Nightfall; Lullaby; Sleepwalking; The Flashlighters; City of Blood; and Lily) with a total of 12 books planned.
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