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Hal Niedzviecki's THE LOST EXPERT has sold to Cormorant Books.

In THE LOST EXPERT, Chris, an unambitious young waiter, stumbles onto the set of a Hollywood film and is mistaken for the missing lead actor. He is corralled into shooting scenes from the movie The Lost Expert as he disconnects from his real life. Falling deeply into his newfound persona (which turns out to have its own dangers), he must grapple with his role as imposter and whether he can — or even should — extricate himself from reinvention.

"The Lost Expert is a gripping novel of ideas, especially around those of identity and personal reinvention -- and how a seemingly innocent case of mistaken identity can escalate to having life-altering consequences,” said The Rights Factory CEO Sam Hiyate.

Hal Niedzviecki is the Publisher of Broken Pencil and Founder of the Canzine Festival. THE LOST EXPERT is scheduled for publication in Fall 2021.

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