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Claire Cavanagh

Assistant Agent

Claire Cavanagh is actively acquiring adult non-fiction and selected adult fiction. In non-fiction she is seeking manuscripts on pop culture/celebrity, memoir, biography and history, society and culture. She has a keen interest in niche topics and sub-cultures, including deep dives on pop culture obsessions and analyses or insights into real or imagined communities.

In fiction she is interested in commercial and literary fiction particularly manuscripts which examine womens’ inner lives, relationships, and lived experiences along with stories focused on identity and belonging. She is also actively seeking LGBTQ+ commercial and literary fiction.

Claire was previously in academia and holds an MSc. and PhD. in Applied Linguistics along with a Masters in Publishing from Simon Fraser University in Vancouver. Originally from Ireland, she has lived in Europe, Asia, and Canada. These life experiences influence her list as she is always eager to work with academics to shape academic work into trade books and is equally enthusiastic to work with authors from a wide range of cultural backgrounds.

Interested in: 

Commercial Women's Fiction; Literary Fiction; LGBTQ+ Commercial and Literary Fiction; Nonfiction; Hybrid Memoir; Pop Culture; Music; Film/TV; Fashion; Society; Culture; Subcultures; Alternative Communities

Active Clients:
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